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Privacy Policy

Dear friends, thank you for visiting the Global Information Network of Printing Plant, Ministry of Finance (hereinafter referred to as the website of the Plant). The Plant’s website absolutely respects and protects your personal privacy rights. To help you understand how the Plant’s website collects, applies and protects the personal information you provide, please read the following information in detail:

About the scope of policy

The following privacy policy applies to the collection, use and protection of personal data involved in your activities on this website, but not applicable to the various government websites and payment websites linked by our website. All online application websites or payment websites linked through our website, whether they are operated independently by government agencies or jointly operated by other agencies, groups, companies and our website, have their own privacy policies, and our website has no joint responsibility. When you have online applications on those websites, the protection of personal data shall be subject to the privacy policies of those websites.

About the collection of personal data

  1. The Plant’s website does not collect any personally identifiable information from browsing and file downloading activities on this website.
  2. When using the various online application services provided by the Plant’s website, when the applicant needs to provide personal information, each responsible organization shall request the latest and most accurate information such as your name, identity card number, contact telephone number, e-mail address, correspondence address, and permanent address.
  3. The website shall record the IP address for the user to access this website, the time of surfing the Internet, and the web pages viewed on the website. These information shall be used by the website management authorities of the Plant for the aggregate analysis of website traffic and online behavior surveys, in order to improve the service quality of the Plant’s website. In addition, our website only analyzes the aggregate behavior of all users, and does not analyze individual users.
  4. The Plant’s website is obligated to protect the privacy of applicants. Without your personal consent, no personal information of any online person shall be modified or deleted. It shall only be done unless you have agreed in advance or if the following situations are met:
    (1) through lawful means
    (2) To protect or defend the rights or ownership of the relevant online people
    (3) To protect the interests of all relevant units associated with the Plant’s website
  5. The Plant’s website shall never sell, exchange, or lease any of your personal information to other groups, individuals or private companies, except in the following circumstances:.
    (1) Cooperating with the legal investigation of the judicial unit
    (2) Cooperating with relevant authorities to investigate or use as required by their duties and responsibilities
    (3) Disclosure based on the good faith belief that it is required by law, or for management in order to maintain and improve website services.

About the personal obligations

  1. Anyone who has registered as an online person of the Plant’s website and uses the online application service provided by our website is obliged to maintain and update the personal data and to ensure that the information is correct, up-to-date and complete.
  2. If you provide any incorrect or false information, the relevant business units of our website have the right to refuse your use of all or part of the services of the website with this account.
  3. Maintaining the confidentiality of passwords and account numbers is your responsibility and the responsibility of each relevant business unit of the website.
  4. If your password or account has been stolen or there are any other security problems, please send an email to the director mailbox on the website immediately so that the information personnel can provide assistance.
  5. Make sure that you shall logout of your account after each connection to protect your personal account from being misused by others. If you are sharing a computer with others or using a public computer, remember to close the browser window to prevent others from reading your personal information or emails.
  6. All online people's behavior shall comply with the domestic and foreign laws and regulations, and online people shall take full responsibility for the circumstances of the personal account and password.

About the consultation and relief on the privacy protection policy

  1. If you have any questions or comments about the above-mentioned terms, please feel free to write to the director’s mailbox .
  2. If any relevant unit of the Plant’s website has any violation of this policy, please feel free to contact us at the director’s mailbox .