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Customized thermal paper

[Product Specifications]

  1. Size: 5.7 cm×9 cm
  2. Paper roll length: 70M
  3. Paper roll diameter: Outer diameter is about 8.12CM.
  4. Paper roll axis: Inner diameter is 12.2 MM.
  5. Price: NTD 60 per roll for four-color printing, but enterprise standard color doesn't include.
  6. Quantity: The minimum order quantity is 1,000 rolls.

※Customized design will charge NTD 3,000 for proofing and correcting fee. The fee you paid can offset the order you make.

※There are discounted prices for large orders, please contact us.

※Tel: +886-4-24953126# Business Section


[Product Feature]

  1. Printing: Our anti-counterfeiting design effectively protects the rights and interests of you and consumers.
  2. Paper: We use high-quality raw paper, so it is low power consumption to your printer and extends the service life of the printer read and write head test certification. It also complies with SGS safety certification standards/does not contain environmental hormones as well as does not contain bisphenol A. Besides, the unit inspection conforms to the paper specifications of the Electronic Invoice Certificate of the Ministry of Finance after a third party fair test.
  3. Origin: Made in Taiwan


[Notes on customized printing] (see the figure for details)

  1. Customized printing is up to six-color.
  2. The design of the BAR line on both sides should not be less than 2.5MM.
  3. The best reading and writing size of the two-dimensional barcode is 1.4×1.4CM.
  4. Please provide 350dpi for the image size and optimal resolution of the trademark image file, or provide a vector format.
  5. We customize typesetting according to your requirements, and we can make proofing and color correction for you up to three times.