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Descriptions and download link of the Open Document Format (ODF)

Descriptions of the Open Document Format (ODF)

The Open Document Format (ODF) is a XML-based file format with portability, readability and file descriptions. I tis applicable to all types of operating systems and can facilitate the retention of files over a long period of time.

To cooperate with the government’s open data policy; respond to the diversification of information platforms and carriers; encourage the public to download government information; and facilitate data exchange among government agencies and between the government and enterprises, Executive Yuan has been promoting ODF-CNS15251 as the government’s standard file format starting from January 1, 2015. It is our aspiration that all sectors will jointly promote ODF and cooperate to the government’s open data policy in order to promote our country’s soft power.

Support ODF file format software tools, please click here for the link:Link